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It is not . . .

  • a ‘method’ for achieving natural birth.
  • a series of mantras to be read and repeated.
  • full of edicts and rules about breastfeeding.

It is a guidebook for mothers, by a mother,
a midwife’s guide to the childbearing year.

I have used all of my materials, resources, and experience as a Licensed Midwife to put together this exciting childbirth course. Because, in my experience as a midwife, each stage of bringing forth a child, hinges on what the previous one was like (for example, a smooth birth, generally makes for a smooth postpartum).

I have divided this series up into four modules:

Module 1: Preconception
Module 2: Pregnancy
Module 3: Birth
Module 4: Postpartum

Let’s begin with . . .


Are you thinking of becoming pregnant?

PregnantSunsetMaybe you’ve seen your doctor, but are looking for in depth, holistic advice. You’ve heard that there are fertility boosting foods to include, and toxins to avoid. But you need more details, and practical ways to incorporate them into your life.

As a midwife, I’ve helped many couples to conceive over the years.

Their conception stories are just as precious to me as their birth stories. In the road leading to conception, they became parents, that glint in their eye became a sparkle. In my work as a midwife, I have seen that intervention and lifestyle changes in the preconception period almost guarantee a vibrant pregnancy, and a smooth birth.

It could be your first time or fifth, this Preconception Module can boost the long-term health of you and baby. What you eat now could affect your grandchildren. True.

The time before conception is a crucial time for your baby’s future health.

Did you know that:
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  • What you eat now can prevent birth defects in your yet to be conceived child?
  • Switching household cleaners may improve your fertility?
  • What you eat now can increase your chances of a trouble free pregnancy later?
  • Removing certain personal care products can restore balance to your hormones and improve your odds at conception?
  • Optimizing nutrient intake now may prevent an entire host of ailments in your unborn child, including autism?


In the Preconception Module you will learn about simple, yet highly effective lifestyle changes that can not only increase your fertility, but can pave the way for a vibrant pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

We often hear birth stories from friends and family, but rarely conception stories. You will hear three different conception stories.

This module is for anyone who is thinking of becoming pregnant. Whether it’s your first, or your fifth, the information contained in this module will benefit you and your baby.

Some of the things you will learn:

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  • The Three C’s of Conception
  • Fertility Facts, women almost never hear these!
  • How to chart your cycles
  • Learn your 3 Fertility Signals
  • Optimal Times for Conception

The 30-minute videos will explore facets of conception often left unturned in today’s fast paced world. Things such as:
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  • Herbs to improve fertility and decrease stress
  • Three food groups to include in your diet each and every day for optimal reproductive health.
  • Journaling for fertility
  • How yoga can boost your odds at conception.


Who is this class for?

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  • Anyone thinking of becoming pregnant
  • Anyone looking to improve his or her fertility. (Yes, much of this module applies to men as well!).
  • Anyone who is currently pregnant who wants a general baseline for simple lifestyle changes that all women in their childbearing years should be aware of.
  • Women who have been trying to conceive for a time, or are currently undergoing fertility treatments, and would appreciate a new approach to conception and improve their odds at the treatments success.


This is the beginning of a four part childbirth education series. Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum are forthcoming. Once they are all released the price of each individual module will increase.

Snatch this module now for the bargain price of $29.


You will also receive free Bonuses:
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  • Green Cleaning for Baby – A comprehensive guide to a toxic free clean home, including recipes for non toxic cleaners.
  • Fertility Spa – A detailed explanation of giving yourself a few hours of delicious self care. Herbal oils, uterine massage, non-toxic facials and more are included in this sweet bit of pampering meant to boost your fertility!
  • Herbal Recipes for Reproductive Health – Including His and Hers Fertility Cocoa, Menstrual Relief Tea, Fertility Boost Tea.

Do you have questions?

Send me an email and I’ll happily get back to you.

Here’s what others say about the course:

[quote style=”boxed”]”My only feedback, is that I wish the course were longer!! I loved the nutritional information.”
– Malina S., Los Angeles, CA[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]”I found the Preconception Module so helpful! I learned that I had been miscalculating my ovulation times by a week. I have been so anxious and just hearing that it can take months to get pregnant, has eased my anxiety.”
– Nita N., Chicago, IL[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]”There is so much of useful information here that is aggregated in one 30 minute video. Your website and blog were really helpful to me through this whole process. I have learned so much from the resources you share.”
– S. Khan, Chicago, IL[/quote]

[quote style=”boxed”]”It’s a very informative presentation!”
– A. Sagheer, Fremont, CA[/quote]


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