Midwifery & Lactation Services

Here at Homemade Families, I believe that birth is a rite, and a right.  You have a right to a safe and satisfying birth, to experience birth in a way that leaves you in good health and primed to take on the challenges and joys of motherhood.   As your midwife, I provide the clinical skills, along with the comforting hand of experience, to safely bring you to the other side of your birth.


“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.”

~Jane Weideman

Modern maternity care in America is confusing and often isolating. I’ve fielded calls time and time again from women who are left with so many questions AFTER their prenatal visit.  I aim to leave no stone unturned.  I want you to feel heard, understood, and nurtured after each prenatal visit.

“Experiences have clearly shown that an approach which ‘de-medicalizes’ birth, restores dignity and humanity to the process of childbirth, and returns control to the mother is also the safest approach.”  Michel Odent, MD 

It would be my honor to serve you and witness the growth of your family during this special time.  Please contact me today for further information on any of the following services.


mama and babeAhh, home birth! What a lovely way to welcome your newest addition into the world. Midwifery care throughout your pregnancy, labor and postpartum is a real treat.

Prenatal care is provided throughout the pregnancy. Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being are monitored. When things go awry, most of the time they can be set back on course through nutrition, exercise, or rest.
Labor is a complex unfolding of hormonal events that best respond to intimacy, privacy, and comfort. It is my pleasure to create this environment for you, and to watch birth unfold undisturbed, all the while maintaining and monitoring you and baby’s health and well being.
Not only am I a midwife, but I am also a board certified lactation consultant. I LOVE helping breastfeeding get off to a smooth start.
In the postpartum period, I do two visits within the first week, one at the three week mark, and a final visit at 6 weeks. I like to see those babies grow!

Midwifery care will transform your pregnancy experience into a time of improved physical, emotional, and mental well being that will carry you through your mothering experience. As a mother, I understand how important it is to feel heard, understood, and loved during your pregnancy, labor and postpartum. As a midwife, I know that it is my job to ensure your safety on all levels, and I am continually updating my knowledge and improving my skills.

Wondering if it’s safe, or if your insurance will cover it? Or what about the mess? Check out my FAQ’s here. Still have an unanswered question, or just want to see if we click? Call or email me with any questions, I would love to talk with you!

Interested in this service? Please contact me for details

breastfeeding mamaStruggling with breastfeeding? Stay home, I’ll come to you and troubleshoot.  It’s often difficult to leave the house with a small nursling, and they sure can sense when you’re stressed!  By coming to you, I maintain a hormonal normalcy to breastfeeding, upping your chances of success and help! Here are some common reasons to book a lactation consultation:

  • Sore nipples!!
  • Sleepy babies
  • Nursing multiples
  • Thrush
  • Preparing for returning to work
  • Poor latch
  • Weight gain worries (the baby’s that is!)

You don’t even have to leave your couch! Breastfeeding doesn’t have to be difficult.

As a lactation consultant, a midwife who has helped hundreds of women breastfeed, and a mother who has breastfed three babes, I’ve been there in one way or another.

After our initial visit, I will send you a follow up email that contains a summary of our visit and any recommended supplements, or referrals.  In the postpartum, we need all the reminders we can get! 

A lactation consultation is $150, and frequently covered by insurance.  Phone and email follow ups are free of charge.

There is help, so don’t hesitate book me now and be on your breastfeeding way!

Interested in this service? Please contact me for details

pregnant womanIt’s true, I admit it, blowing up a tub and squatting in your living room to have your baby is not for everyone.  For those of you who feel most comfortable in a hospital setting I offer a middle ground.  As a monitrice, I provide the following

  • Prenatal visits to ensure the well being of mom and baby, and to discuss birth wishes.
  • Availability by phone or email for  any and all questions or concerns.
  • In home labor support including fetal heart monitoring, dilation checks, and plain ol’ comfort measures including warm oil massages, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy affirmations and more.
  • Labor support and care in the hospital. Here I am your doula and advocate, providing a continuity of care from home to hospital and continuing comfort measures.
  • Postpartum visit/lactation consultation in your home.  This is a great deal, an in home lactation consultation is included in the fee. I will also check on your physical and mental healing.


 Midwives have clinical skills to keep you safe and satisfied at home and to get you to the hospital at the appropriate time. Doulas have the know how to keep you calm and advocate for you in the hospital.  A monitrice is a wonderful way to integrate them both!  

A  midwife, a doula, and a lactation consultation all in one! Contact me now as slots fill up quickly!


Interested in this service? Please contact me for details

Postpartum is a small window in you and baby’s life. Small, but crucial, kinda like baby. Taking care of yourself in this period, can give you a lifetime of good health. Conversely, running to the store, eating junk, and not resting can quickly deplete you in this sensitive period.  In most societies, postpartum has been a time of warmth, rest, and rejuvenation. Women emerge stronger, radiant, and centered, prepared for the challenge of early motherhood.    My mother roasting services aim to set you on the track to health and vitality for many years. They include the following:

  • Maintaining a mother’s warmth through soups cooked with bone broth, herbal teas aimed at healing and supporting nourishing milk production, sitz baths, warm oil rubs, belly binding, and a soothing moxa treatment to help the uterus heal and close.
  • Postpartum midwifery care including daily visits, well baby, well mama checks, and access to me via email or phone.
  • Lactation support.  See my above lactation consultation package. For each day I come, you will receive a lactation consultation.
  • Infant massage, bathing, and help with colic and nighttime woes.
  • Emotional support and connection in retelling your birth story, discussing adjustments to motherhood, and soothing any fears or concerns.  Herbal support provided if necessary.

Most women hire me for 3 – 5 days.  Nourishing ,healing, and invigorating, my postpartum care package is popular, and a real treat to yourself.  If you would like to learn more, here is an article I wrote in the online parenting magazine Rhythm of the Home on the important postpartum period.  Mother Roasting packages make excellent baby shower gifts!

Interested in this service? Please contact me for details