Postpartum Basket

Nurturing new moms and babies is such a joy! I put together this postpartum basket for a new mama recently, and I had a lot of requests for the recipes.  Here are a few of them. All of them are based off the teaching of the late Ysha Oakes, whom I studied with, and who was passionate about preserving the […]

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What’s In My Bag? – Midwives Edition

I’m going to show you the contents of my bags in the hopes that you will see that birth, in all its complexities, is at it’s core, really simple. Mainly, I need something to listen to baby’s heart, sterile instruments, clean gloves, sterile gauze, a few medications, and a scale (because we’re all dying to know how big that baby […]

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Sitz Bath Herbs for Postpartum Comfort

Recently, I had a mother who had terrible hemorrhoids after her baby. Her birth postpartum was smooth, other than these painful hemorrhoids!  Sitz bath herbs are wonderful for tears, swelling, soreness, and yes, hemorrhoids.  The only problem, she didn’t have any on hand, and she needed some, now!  She did however, have a plentiful backyard garden.  So at 10 o’clock […]

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