About Homemade Families

Homemade Families continues where my midwifery leaves off.  Homemade Families  aims  to nurture and grow our families with traditional wisdoms in a modern world.

Traditional wisdom has viewed the birthing of children, the parenting of them, the gathering and preparing of food, and the deliverance of medicine as something that began in the home, and was passed down from generation to generation. From the moment the child is conceived to how we nourish them at our tables, modern industry and corporations have devalued our health and well being.


 This website is devoted to just that, to taking back the knowledge, wisdom, and skills that allow us and our children to lead full, bright, and healthy lives.

This is a conversation continued. One between midwife and family, mother and mother, that typically begins with the insistence of a fetal heartbeat, and ends with a plump 6 week old.  It is how I nurture my own family, with food, holistic medicine, reflections, beauty, and more. It is my wish for all the babies who have come through my hands.  And it is not prescriptive, but hopefully inspirational.

So settle in, and forgive the mess.  The project to take back our families has begun here at Homemade Families. And I’m so thrilled you’ll be pitching in.

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