Sitz Bath Herbs for Postpartum Comfort

postpartumsitzbathRecently, I had a mother who had terrible hemorrhoids after her baby. Her birth postpartum was smooth, other than these painful hemorrhoids!  Sitz bath herbs are wonderful for tears, swelling, soreness, and yes, hemorrhoids.  The only problem, she didn’t have any on hand, and she needed some, now! 

She did however, have a plentiful backyard garden.  So at 10 o’clock on a Friday night, her husband took a flashlight  and harvested some herbs and made her a sitz bath. What a guy!  I had toured her garden after a prenatal the week before, so I was familiar with what was there. Lavender, chamomile, rosemary and sage are all soothing and healing herbs to include in a postpartum sitz bath.  And they were all growing in her garden.

A hakim, a traditional doctor from Southeast Asia, once told me that the medicine someone needs is always within reach.  I’ve always liked this notion of the cure being accessible. In this case, it was very true!

Her husband picked a handful of each herb, steeped them in a quart of water and added 1/2 cup of sea salt.  She felt relief soon after a soak.  There are many different recipes for sitz bath herbs. I’ll include the one from the photo above, but I’m also including a list of the many herbs that can be used so you can come up with your own.

The easiest method is to mix the herbs in a bowl or a mason jar, stir or shake to mix, and then fill tea bags, or these cotton muslin sacks.  Most women need somewhere around five bags for their postpartum, give or take a couple of bags depending on the situation. 

Homemade sitz bath herbs are a great way to nurture yourself or a new mom to be.  Brew one tea bag in a quart of water. Let it steep for at least twenty minutes,  an hour is best.  Add the tea to the bath, a peri bottle to wash with, your pads, a washcloth to use like a compress, or a sitz bath!  When bathing in the herbs, it helps to add 1/2 cup of sea salt to the bath or sitz bath. A postpartum treat!

Sitz bath herbs are meant to prevent infection, soothe, and heal.  Here are a list of herbs that are often included as they have one or more of these properties.

Antimicrobial herbs include; yarrow, calendula, lavender, rosemary, uva ursi, oregon grape root, garlic and marshmallow root.

Soothing herbs include; chamomile, lavender, marshmallow root, comfrey leaf, witch hazel leaf.

Healing herbs include; sage, myrhh gum powder, sea salt

I get all of my herbs from nature, a friends garden, or Mountain Rose herbs.


Soothing Sitz Bath Herbs
Yields 5
A recipe for healing and comfort.
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  1. 1 oz witch hazel
  2. 3/4 oz lavender
  3. 1/2 oz myrrh gum powder
  4. 1/2 oz sage
  5. 1/2 oz calendula
  1. Mix herbs together in a bowl.
  2. With the lavender and calendula I add these amounts, but I also use my eye to see how the tea looks. They both add a lot of color and I like things to look pretty.
  3. Stir to combine.
  4. Bag into tea bags.
  1. To use the herbs, boil eight cups of water.
  2. Add tea bag.
  3. Cover pot and steep for at least twenty minutes. Steeping for hours is fine.
  4. Remove tea bag.
  5. If using to bathe or with a sitz bath, add 1/2 cup of sea salt.
  6. Otherwise pour over pads, or into peri bottle.
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  • wonderful, thanks for sharing Shannon. This mix is quite different from other online recipes I’ve found. I have a couple questions.
    1. I have sage growing in my garden, but I find it tastes different from sage I’ve received from other countries (Jordan). Do all types of sage/etc work well for these recipes?
    2. Where’s a good online/in person resource for me to learn about making herbal sitz baths at home, or is it really easy enough where I can just take an online recipe and adapt it for my needs?
    Much appreciation.

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