Cod Liver Oil for Beautiful Babies

Cod-Liver-Oil2 When you’re trying to conceive, you’ll try anything to make it happen. Simultaneously, you will down herbs that taste like compost, do a headstand (because it delivers circulation to ‘ze ovaries), chant affirmations about your self worth, and of course, look hot for your partner at just the right time of the month. 

I’ve been there, and then some.  In my mid twenties, I tried everything to get pregnant.  I even sacrificed a cow.

Want to know what else I did, head over to my lovely friend Krystina’s beautiful blog Baraka Birth to find out the rest of my conception story! If you’re trying to boost your fertility be sure to check out her online course, happening March 20, through the Boston School of Herbal Studies.  Also check out Birthrite’s online course, the Preconception Module is chock full of fertility goodies.

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