Baby Treasure Baskets


Have you ever looked at the baby section in toy stores?  Flashing lights, tinny songs, hard plastic, jarring colors, whew, it leaves me overstimulated and cranky, so imagine the effects on baby!   When babies are born, anyone with a beating heart will attest to their spiritual nature, the openness of their being. They absorb our moods, scents, voices and colors.  We swaddle them, cover their buggies with a blanket, hold them close, and eschew loud noises around them.  Instinctively we know that they need to be attached, held and protected.

But then baby begins to move around, to slowly unfold and wake up to his surroundings.  He begins to develop a will.  He wants to be picked up and carried all the time.  This stage can begin to wear that still fragile new mama down.  You’re still not sleeping through the night, your body hasn’t adjusted yet, and you may not have either.  How will you ever get the floor swept?! If you walk into the above mentioned toy store for distraction, you’re likely to drive yourself even crazier with all the noisy toys you bring home.

You don’t have to go far to find simple playthings,  instead search your cupboards and closets, or your local thrift store.   Silk, cotton, wool, all of these natural materials nurture and enliven your child’s senses, all the while conveying the world’s warmth.  What better lesson is there to give a baby, that the world is a warm and inviting place filled with beautiful treasures?! Baby Treasure Baskets are a new mama life saver and make unique and economical baby shower gifts.  They will keep baby entertained, and give you that much needed break! Here are some suggestions to get you started.  I’ve included some links to actual toys, but really, babe will enjoy a wooden spoon and a bowl just as much.

First, find a basket.  Fabric lined baskets are nice. I think thrift stores exist to sell ridiculously cheap, but quality baskets.  I can’t leave without one. babytreasurebasketCollage

-Silk, soft to the touch, and wonderful for peekaboo, is great for nourishing baby’s sense of touch.  Find a silk scarf in your closet or a thrift store and add it to the basket.  Sarah’s Silks make playsilks brilliantly hued.  This is one gift that will stand the test of time, they double as pirates bandanas, ropes, capes, fairy skirts, etc…

Wood is sturdy, yet carries a warmth and softness that plastic just doesn’t.  Add some blocks to stack, spoons and bowls to bang and thud, and a rattle to shake, baby will keep busy long enough for you to pour that cup of tea!

Soft cuddlies and/or soft balls made of natural materials like wool or cotton. If you are a super mama, and can squeeze in some knitting or simple sewing, it only adds to the baby’s experience.  This book is a wonderful starting point for homemade toys for baby.

– The possibilities are endless for baby treasure basket, customize to your baby, and be sure to keep it interesting by switching toys in and out.  As babies get older, they enjoy more of the sorting type toys, so include those at the appropriate age.


If this is a baby shower gift, be sure to add something to mama, because she’s going to have some time now to kick up her feet and put her nose in a book.  Rahima Baldwin’s classic, You are Your Child’s First Teacher to round out the Baby Treasure Basket gift!


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