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herbalfertilityspaI have three kids, but I have spent a total of 21 months attempting to get pregnant.  Instead of relinquishing more control with each passing month, I often became more panicked, desperate to find whatever new fertility trick was on the horizon.  Acupuncture, hips piled on top of pillows after each attempt, I’ve even forced my husband to cut out of Sunday brunches early in order to conceive.  Perhaps if we had adopted an ancient attitude, nurturing our bodies for a period of time  before conception, not only would we see those two little lines faster, we might have promoted even more vibrant health in ourselves and our children.

Instead of seeking out pregnancy, I should have had the mindset to seek out fertility. Women in tribes, societies, and worlds before ours have actively sought fertility and adopted fertility promoting practices.  It is a mindset that promotes health and self care. It is not a grasping at straws, but rather an acknowledgement that health promotes fertility. In our harried culture we go from boardroom to bedroom, expecting results as fast as a tweet gets tweeted.  Then when the period rears its red head, we panic and seek the quickest fix to our supposed “infertility”.

As one of the midwives I apprenticed with always told the busy Silicon Valley women we served, “If the train doesn’t stop, or at least slow down,  before you deliver, the slowness of a newborn will come as a great shock.”  That train needs to start slowing down now, when that little soul is just a glimmer.  Here’s my favorite way to slow down, some self pampering; self pampering is great at any stage of life, but developing these practices now can create strong habits of self care throughout motherhood.

Full of herbal, natural goodness, the herbs chosen for this spa are fertility enhancing, and hormone balancing.  Choose one recipe, or choose them all.  4173702194_485093558fWhichever you choose, be sure to savor your time  and visualize the little soul traversing the universe to end up home with you!   If you are in the  preconception phase of your childbearing, please sign up for the first module of my Birthrite courses, the Preconception Module.  The Herbal Fertility Spa is one of the many bonuses.  Charting your cycle, best times to conceive, the three C’s of conception,  Green Clean for Baby, and much, much more are included in my Preconception Module.

Back to the spa treatment. I would bet that you have most things on hand, and if not, you can substitute what you do or go on to the next step. I would say that as long as there is a bath, a significant slowing down, and some poetry, your fertility will improve!

Herbal Fertility Spa

1. Begin by brewing a pot of Fertility Enhancing Tea.  Add 1TBS of coconut oil to each cup of tea. It’s delicious and your fertility hormones thrive on the healthy fats in coconut oil.

2.While it’s brewing wash your face with a cleanser.  My suggestion is  Almond Meal Cleanser – 4 tsp almond meal, 2 tsp of dry milk powder, and 1 tsp sugar.  Mix and apply to a damp face.

3. Apply a clay mask. Clay is wonderful at drawing out impurities in the skin. Add 1 TBS to a glass of water and drink that now too.  Clay binds to heavy metals and removes them from the system, an important step to take before conceiving.  Mix another TBS of the clay with enough water to make a paste, apply to face and let dry. 

4. While the mask dries, read some poetry.

5. Warm the Ginger Infused Fertility Oil (see recipe below) and massage your belly, uterus and hips.  ginger

6. Steam a washcloth in hot water, remove mask.  Apply Apple Cider Vinegar toner with cotton ball.  Mix 1/4 cup of water to 1TBS apple cider vinegar. Add a few drops of essential oil if desired.

7. Step into the shower armed with your favorite scrub. Mine is a Brown Sugar Scrub – 1 cup of sugar to 1/4 cup oil.  Rub into skin, again concentrating on hips and pelvic region in order to bring circulation to the reproductive organs.

8.  Step out of shower and pour yourself another cup of Fertility Enhancing Tea.

9.  Take a bath with magnesium bath flakes dissolved into the water and a few drops of essential oils. Don’t forget a candle!! Magnesium is an important fertility nutrient for both men and women, and absorbing it trans-dermally, through the skin, is the best way to get it.

10. Soak and sip as long as you like, feeling deep nourishment, health and well being from the inside out.

11.  Dry off, moisturize, and slip off to bed, or put the Herbal Fertility Spa to the test!

Here are the recipes for Fertility Enhancing Tea and Ginger Infused Fertility Oil, both are very simple to make. Ingredients for both can be found here.

Fertility Enhancing Tea
By increasing vitamin and mineral content, balancing hormones, toning the reproductive system, and just tasting delicious, this Fertility Enhancing Tea will have you feeling great in no time!
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  1. 2 parts red raspberry leaf
  2. 2 parts red clover
  3. 2 parts nettle leaf
  4. 2 parts peppermint
  5. 1 part chamomile
  6. 1 part dandelion leaf
  7. 1 part oatstraw
  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Use 1 tablespoon per cup of water. Let it steep for at least twenty minutes. Sweeten with honey if desired. And always add 1 TBS of coconut oil to increae the fertility enhancing properties!
  2. Drink 2-3 cups daily for optimal benefits.
  1. Parts refer to the part used for measurement, a teaspoon, a tablespoon, an ounce etc…It doesn’t matter what you use to measure, only that you use it consistently while making the recipe. So in this recipe, if you use a tablespoon, it would be 2 tablespoons of the first four ingredients and 1 tablespoon of the last four. It’s always a good idea to taste a little of your tea before you make a big pot, that way you can add more herbs for flavor if needed.
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Ginger Infused Fertility Oil
Ginger is a wonderful kitchen herb. Imparting warmth and circulation wherever it goes, ginger is an ideal herb for conception. Giving yourself daily belly rubs, with a special focus on the uterine area is great for fertility. It is also useful for sore backs, stiff joints, and as a chest rub for colds.
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  1. 3 TBS chopped ginger root
  2. ½ cup of oil, coconut, olive, almond, or sesame oil
  1. Add ingredients to a sauce pan. Simmer on low heat for at least two hours, up to eight for increased therapeutic value. The oil shouldn’t get above body temperature, or you will cook the ginger. You should always be able to put your finger in the oil without burning it! Cooking this oil, should impart a spicy ginger scent to your kitchen. Strain the oil through a fine mesh sieve, cheesecloth or an old T-shirt. Squeeze the ginger to get all of the oil out. Bottle.
  1. Massage starting at the belly button in a clockwise motion. Start with large circles covering the entire belly. Progressively use smaller strokes until you are just massaging the lower belly and reproductive organs. You can also massage into your hips, which can increase blood flow to the reproductive organs.
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  • Dawn, I’m sorry to hear your struggles with lupus. Autoimmune disorders are so difficult. Have you tried an dietary changes to help? After my first was born, I developed some autoimmune joint pain.

    It wasn’t until after my second was born that I begin a diet similar to one titled The Autoimmune Protocol. It turned my autoimmune condition nearly completely around. And, it apparently helped my fertility as I had a surprise pregnancy, something that with the first two was impossible.

    I would try the diet for a few months and then begin TTC. In my Preconception Module there are loads of tips on herbs, yoga, and other fertility boosting measures, including foods for both you and your partner. It’s a program I’ve seen work for many, including women with other autoimmune challenges.

    Loads of luck to you and your partner. Please stay in touch and let me know if I can be of further assistance.

  • Do u have any recommendations for someone who is sick? My husband and I each have a child from a previous marriage. A few years after I gave birth I was diagnosed with lupus but looking back im sure I had it while I was pregnant. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost 3 years with no luck at all.

  • Clay is really versatile, and great to use daily. I get my clay from Mountain Rose Herbs. I use the Bentonite Clay, or the Kaolin clay. They also have a nice one from Morocco called Rhasoul clay!

  • I see that you recommended a clay. I’m not sure where to buy clay. Would you have any recommendations? Thanks!

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